I was off work sick. I got sent home yesterday afternoon with the bug that has taken the school by storm. I am so tired.  I found out that I got an interview for a PhD at Chelsea College of Art and Design. I was excited. I rang a friend to help with my design and have a natter. I began to set up an Art Theory Reading Group. I started to plan a portfolio. I panicked that I’ve not done enough to get through the interview. I worried. I brainstormed about my new project. I felt ill and had to have a nap. I couldn’t nap. I collected some references to look up. I cleaned my flat. I cried a bit. I updated my blogs. I had a friend over to dinner. I was convinced that I’m not going to be able to get through the interview. 


I’m back to work tomorrow. Not sure I can pay the rent  – I don’t get sick pay.